Intensive English Program

The purpose of the Intensive English Unit is to prepare students who speak English as an additional language at a beginning or emerging level for mainstream secondary classes.  Explicit and focused language instruction is designed to equip students with effective writing, reading, speaking and listening skills, which will enable them to engage meaningfully with the content of the Australian Curriculum.

Students are given specific support to build the necessary skills and knowledge for mainstream classes such as:

  • English vocabulary to interact effectively with students and teachers
  • Strategies to support reading and communicating effectively in English
  • Reading and creating different text types
  • Subject specific vocabulary (Religion, Science, Maths, SOSE, Health & PE)
  • Subject specific concepts to ensure students have the foundation to access to the Australian Curriculum
  • Using information technology to research and create original texts

Students develop their English language skills across the curriculum through the subjects of English, Science, Mathematics, Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE) and Religion. They are encouraged to use their first language to build their understanding then extend their use of English through structured tasks and class discussion. Depending on the level of their English skills, students will spend between 6 to 12 months in the program and then transition to their age appropriate year level for mainstream classes.