Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission

St John’s Catholic College is a safe, connected, learning community for local, boarding and international students. We strive for excellence and ensure the holistic development of each student through a balanced approach to faith, academic, sporting and cultural activities.

Our Values

  • Acceptance: Appreciating each person and her/his story; valuing cultural differences and being inclusive of all.

  • Compassion: Involves the ‘head, heart and hand’ in understanding by listening, showing heartfelt concern; being able to forgive wrongs and putting concerns into meaningful actions.

  • Courage: Strength to uphold the community values and beliefs; leading the way in being true to ourselves despite the challenges that may come.

  • Respect: A sense of self-worth and esteem for self and others; respect is shown and gained through showing consideration and esteem for others.

  • Resilience: Involves understanding yourself and your strengths and challenges; being self- motivated to always give your best and keep persevering by facing up to the challenges.

  • Responsibility: Being dependable and able to be relied upon; being accountable for our decisions and actions.

  • Stewardship: Showing concern and cherishing the community and its environment; being prepared to act as guardians to conserve this for the benefit of future generations of St John’s community.


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