Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission

St John’s College, through its Catholic tradition and MSC charism, works in partnership with parents and guardians to inspire excellence in all students and empower them to make informed life choices to meet the challenges ahead and contribute positively as active and responsible Christian citizens of the world.  

Our Mission

We strive to build a Catholic community strong in faith, strong in education and strong in tradition.

Our Values

The virtues we value at St John’s College act as a moral compass and guide us in building strong relationships based on Christian love.

How we achieve this:

  • Acceptance: Appreciating each person and her/his story; valuing cultural differences and being inclusive of all.

  • Compassion: Involves the ‘head, heart and hand’ in understanding by listening, showing heartfelt concern; being able to forgive wrongs and putting concerns into meaningful actions.

  • Courage: Strength to uphold the community values and beliefs; leading the way in being true to ourselves despite the challenges that may come.

  • Respect: A sense of self-worth and esteem for self and others; respect is shown and gained through showing consideration and esteem for others.

  • Resilience: Involves understanding yourself and your strengths and challenges; being self- motivated to always give your best and keep persevering by facing up to the challenges.

  • Responsibility: Being dependable and able to be relied upon; being accountable for our decisions and actions.

  • Stewardship: Showing concern and cherishing the community and its environment; being prepared to act as guardians to conserve this for the benefit of future generations of St John’s community.

  • we believe in…our students and respect each student’s learning style and their right to learn
  • we believe in…providing creative, innovative and challenging learning experiences that will equip each student with the life skills he/she needs for his/her future
  • we believe in…working in partnership with parents, guardians and caregivers to achieve the very best outcomes for each student
  • we believe in…providing spiritual and faith experiences that enhance each student’s understanding and commitment to the Catholic faith
  • we believe in…preparing our students for an active role in the wider global community
  • we believe in…promoting the five Rs - Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, Reliability and Risk taking.

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