Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the heart of the educational experience offered at St John’s Catholic College.

In creating a culture where everyone is valued and everyone belongs, the pastoral care program is based on compassion, faith, education and tradition.

The College provides a safe, caring and nurturing environment for both students and staff, with a culture that promotes health, well-being and acceptance of all.

Our College Behaviour Management Policy is based on the premise that with all rights, come responsibilities, and that all individuals choose their behaviour.

House System:

St John’s Catholic College has three houses – Burford, Daly and O’Loughlin – each with a Head of House. Home Rooms are structured vertically, meaning students from different year levels are allocated to the same Home Room Group.

This vertical system ensures that students develop strong peer relationships and provides continuity.

Students will continue to come together as a year level for activities such as retreats, work experience, exam preparation, careers counselling and subject selection as required.