Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Pastoral care is at the heart of the educational experience offered at St John’s Catholic College.

In creating a culture of welcome and belonging within a small school environment, the pastoral care and wellbeing program is based on faith, education, community and tradition.

Our Pastoral Care Program: 
  • A vertical pastoral care system, structured around our four Houses: Daley, Burford, O’Loughlin and Doneley.
  • Students cared for by a Head of House who provide leadership and support for pastoral care and wellbeing, student attendance, behaviour management, student engagement, and promotion of House identity, pride and spirit.
  • Daily vertical Homeroom (8:45am – 9:00am): prayer, roll call, uniform check, review of upcoming events and pastoral activity.
  • A high expectations environment regarding student conduct and presentation with the three key expectations of Stay Safe, Respect Everyone and Learn Everyday.
  • Formal assemblies acknowledging, affirming and celebrating student effort and achievement.
  • A 95%+ attendance expectation to support positive education, employment, health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • A focus on developing identity, pride and spirit through events, carnivals and activities.
  • Celebrating as a community our annual Catholic Identity Feast Day – Sacred Heart Day.
  • Open Days, Orientation, Induction and Buddy Programs for new students.
  • House Spirit and Year Level Formation Days.
  • House Cup Activities: sporting and academic.
  • Year Level presentations and excursions to engage with key public health and safety programs.
  • Opportunities for students to be involved in lunch time activities: choir, gym, student leadership / student representative committee, gardening, etc

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