SEQTA and Online Resources


SEQTA is our Learning Management System (LMS). SEQTA is the platform for: subject information, attendance, assessment, reporting and communication. SEQTA contains three platforms: SEQTA Teach - for Teachers, SEQTA Learn - for Students, and SEQTA Engage - for Parents / Carers. 

SEQTA Engage Parents / Carers Manual

Jacaranda Textbook eLibrary:

With the implementation of the BYOD program, all students in Years 7-12 are provided with access to the Jacaranda Textbook eLibrary (JacPLUS) and the associated online activities (LearnOn). The Jacaranda Textbook eLibrary includes textbooks for all middle school core subjects (except Religious Education) and for selected senior school subjects. Please note that selected middle school electives and Stage 1 & 2 subjects may require additional texts.



With the implementation of the BYOD program, all students in Years 7-10 and the Intensive English Unit (IEU) are provided with access to Mathletics. This resource compliments the Mathematics teaching and learning program and provides an engaging support and/or extension resource.


SORA - Online Digital Library:

St John’s Catholic College is part of the Australian Catholic Education Network (ACEN). As such, our students have access to SORA, an online digital library. Student log into SORA via their Catholic Education NT dashboard: