Middle School

Developing a love of learning

Our Middle Years (Years 7 - 9) curriculum aims to inspire a love of learning.

The needs of young adolescents are recognised through our Middle School program which allows each student to grow and learn within a strong community. When the students feel a strong sense of support and are comfortable in their environment, the learning experience is enhanced.

Our teachers plan engaging units based on the Australian Curriculum and focus on the needs of the learner. 


  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (History , Geography, Civics and Citizenship, and Economics and Business)
  • Health and Physical Education

Targeted Placement occurs in the Middle School in Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science and SOSE. Targeted Placement groups students in classes based on academic levels to better cater for their learning needs. This provides students with the opportunity to receive support and/or extension learning, depending on their progress in each subject area.


  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Food and Hospitality 
  • Music
  • Mandarin
  • Drama 
  • Design and Technology: (Wood & Metal)
  • Digital Technologies 
  • Art

Students in our middle school years have access to:

  • Library, Computer Labs, Auditorium, Basketball Courts and Chapel
  • Health Centre staffed by a registered nurse
  • Subject specialist facilities - music rooms, design and technology labs, woodwork and metalwork areas, drama room and art room
  • Darwin Region School Sports
  • Learning Nest