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Senior School at St John’s Catholic College encompasses Year 10 to Year 12.

Students in the Senior School undertake a range of courses to work towards achieving the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET). The Senior School Curriculum is informed by the following:

Year 10 – Foundation for Senior Secondary studies:

Religious Education

Journey in Faith program

The Australian Curriculum

Health and Physical Education
Humanities and Social Sciences (History)

South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Board

Personal Learning Plan (including work experience)
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Health & Physical Education
The Arts
Food & Hospitality
LOTE: Japanese & Indonesian
The Arts
Access to selected Stage 1 subjects through an elective program

Vocational Education and Training courses 

A range of on-site and off-site Vocational Education and Training courses at the Certificate I, II and III level.

Independent Study

A large variety of subjects are offered through the Open Access College and the NT School of Distance Education, for those students who are able to study independently.

Year 11 and Year 12:

Religious Education

Religious Education – Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology

South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Board

South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Board:

A range of Stage 1 and Stage 2 subjects from the following learning areas:

Business, Enterprise, and Technology
Health and Physical Education
Humanities and Social Sciences

Vocational Education and Training courses

A range of on-site and off-site Vocational Education and Training courses at the Certificate I, II and III level.

Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum – Senior Secondary Curriculum will be phased in across South Australia and the Northern Territory from 2016.


The assessment of student work is in line with the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards and the SACE Board Performance Standards.

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Pathways Post School

A range of pathways leading to:

University and further study
Further Vocational Education and Training / Apprenticeships

Careers Counselling


Subject Specialist Teachers


Smaller Class Sizes


Learning Centre

Provision of a Learning Centre supporting students with additional learning needs

Vertical House / Pastoral Care Structure

Upon enrolment students are assigned to a House: O’Loughlin, Burford & Daley
House Groups are vertically structured; providing a mixture of students from Years 10 – 12.
Each Homeroom Group has a dedicated teacher who will follow the group from Year 10-12.
The House Group provides social and academic support to students; it is a vital part in the building of the St John’s Catholic College Community
Students also compete in sporting events in their House

Year 12 Presentation Ball

Year 12 students participate in this College tradition early in Semester 1

Valedictory Mass & Dinner

Year 12 students graduate from the College with a Valedictory Mass and Dinner to celebrate their success and completion of their formal schooling

School Sport Program

Access to the Darwin Region School Sport program - A range of sporting opportunities are available throughout the year

Leadership Opportunities  

Student Representative Council: Students from each year level form a council to discuss student needs and initiatives within the College
College and House Captain positions: Students complete an application process for these positions towards the end of Year 11 to be undertaken as positions of responsibility in Year 12


St John’s Catholic College reports to parents four times a year with an Interim Report at the end of Term 1 and Term 3; and an End of Semester Report at the end of Term 2 and Term 4

Excursions, Camps, Retreats and Tours


Students participate in a range of local in class excursions to enhance learning. Information regarding planned excursions is provided by the subject teacher at the commencement of each semester.


Camps form part of the summative assessment in selected electives: for example, Outdoor Education. Student participation is expected on camps if selected electives are undertaken.


Catholic Identity Retreats form a compulsory part of the program on offer at St John’s Catholic College. Retreats usually take place off-site and overnight. Attendance and participation is expected.

Overseas Tours

Optional International Tours to Japan and Indonesia (Kupang) form part of the LOTE program at St John’s Catholic College. Students must undertake Bahasa Indonesia or Japanese as an elective to be considered for these opportunities.

Targeted Placement:

Targeted Placement occurs in the Senior School at Year 10. Targeted Placement is used in the following subject areas: Religious Education, English, Mathematics and Science. Targeted Placement refers to the grouping of students in classes based on academic levels to better cater for their learning needs. Targeted Placement provides the opportunity for students to receive support and/or extension depending on their progress in each subject area. Targeted Placement decisions are informed by a range of data collected through: NAPLAN, standardised tests and school assessment.