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Senior School Campus

We firmly believe in providing our Senior School students, years 10 - 12, with a value-driven education. We believe this equips our students not only with academic qualifications, but also with excellent interpersonal skills and a strong moral compass to prepare them for life after St John's.

We support our students through a vertical pastoral care system, which groups younger and older students with their pastoral care teacher. Each pastoral care group is house-based. 

Vertical pastoral care provides genuine and effective support for our students. Teachers are able to get to know the students in their house very well, and feedback to parents on their growth, maturity and general development over time.

Senior School students have access to:

  • Learning Centre, Library, Computer Labs, Auditorium, Basketball Courts, Chapel, Health Centre, Canteen/Dining Room
  • Subject specialist facilities - food and hospitality, chemistry, physics, biology labs, LOTE centre
  • Footbridge to the Chevalier Campus (Middle School)
  • Afternoon Homework Centre (Tuesday)