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St John’s Catholic College has a well-equipped health centre which is staffed by our experienced registered nurse, Rowen Winter, alongside a support team.

Day students

Day students who are ill, have an accident or require support for an ongoing medical condition can access the Health Centre during school hours.

Boarding students

Boarding students receive comprehensive health management for acute illnesses and chronic conditions, accident and injury, wound management and youth health screening.

We liaise with RDH, Danila Dilba and all other health providers including hearing clinics, speech clinics and dieticians. We also refer to physio as necessary. We are bulk billed through Stuart Park Medical Centre. Health information is shared between St John’s Catholic College, remote community health centres and family to ensure continuity of care when students return home.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the Health Centre are as follows:

Monday – Friday:  7.00am – 4pm


The Health Centre provides the Northern Territory School Vaccination program for all students. It also facilitates a flu vaccination day for St John’s staff members.

Working in partnership with the St John’s teachers and support staff, the Health Centre’s focus is on the wellbeing of all students, and we are committed to encouraging them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Health promotion topics include: healthy lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity, hygiene and a healthy living environment, alcohol and other drugs, building confidence and self-esteem and sexual and reproductive health.

The Health Centre staff are very happy to hear from parents and carers who would like to discuss their child’s healthcare needs.

The Health Centre can be contacted by phone on 08 8982 2253, or by fax on 08 8982 2274.