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Year 11 Retreat

Year 11 Retreat

In week 3, our Year 11 students headed off to Mary River for their Catholic Identity Retreat.  The theme of the retreat being 'Trust, Love and Live'. The retreat provided students an opportunity to explore different aspects of their lives, including previous hurt and the importance of healing those pains over time.

Students were also presented with the question of 'what sort of leader do you want to be?'.

The retreat was very rewarding for all students.


Mr Stephen Versteegh
Assistant Principal Catholic Identity and Practice

Year 11 Retreat

I invite you to read the following reflections written by Wilhemina Olsen, Panashe Mandivheyi and Rena Tabangay about their experiences.

On Wednesday 3rd May, 2017, Year 11’s departed St John’s Catholic College and began our quest to Mary River Resort. After we had settled in we were split into small groups, the groups were: sheep, snake, dog and cat. The composition of the groups allowed us to get to know other students in our year group on a deeper level. The Retreat gave us the opportunity to explore what sort of leader we wanted to be and who we are. It allowed us to reflect on times in our lives where we have experienced hurt and disappointment. It also brought us together as a big family.

The free time during Retreat allowed us to reflect, pray, have time to ourselves or to spend time with others. The days were divided with large and small group discussions which also allowed for individual reflections. Each session taught us about working together and allowed us to start conversations with other students in our year level that we may have had little interaction with.

Thank you to the following teachers who made the Retreat a success: Mr Posser, Mrs Hamilton, Ms Erlandson, Ms Nielson and Mr Versteegh. Your support allowed us to help ourselves with our journey to find who we were and what sort of leader we want to be. On the last night of the Retreat we were joined by Mr Luck, Mr Hughes, Mrs Hughes and Fr Dan for Mass.

We learnt a lot and really enjoyed the Retreat. We were able to build strong connections with one another RE: Where each of us come from, career aspirations and so much more. The Retreat was overall challenging but also rewarding.