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Pastoral Care

"I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me” John 10:14

Pastoral Care at St John’s embraces more than the giving of well prepared, thought provoking and stimulating lessons. It means being concerned for the total well being of students, and with the development of the whole person within the context of the family, College, parish and wider community.  We want every member of our community to know that they are known, understood, connected, respected and cared for and respected by every other member of the College.

Our vertical Pastoral Care system ensures that students develop deep relationships with their peers and our staff throughout the time they are part of the College.  Upon starting at St John’s students are enrolled into a homeroom group within one of three College Houses – Burford, Daly or O’Loughlin.  One each campus the homeroom group is made up of students across year levels and cared for by a Homeroom Teacher.  Students remain in the same homeroom group with the same Homeroom teacher until they move campuses and move into a new Homeroom but with students they have previously worked with.   Students and Homeroom Teachers are supported by a Head of House who provides continuity by working across campuses.